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Ordering Clark College Transcripts* Online – It's Quick and Easy!

*在线网投app下载The National Student Clearinghouse provides official transcripts for college or university level classes only.

order and/or scores.

How to Order Your Official Transcripts

although we recently converted to ctclink we are still using the "old" sid (student identification) number to order official transcripts, whenever possible, for now.

If you DO know your "old" SID在线网投app下载 and Social Security Number, click here:

Order a Transcript Now

If you DON'T know your "old" SID:



在线网投app下载ordering your official transcript online through the national student clearinghouse allows you to order, pay for, and track your transcript online. there will be a $5.25 charge for each official transcript ordered (includes processing fee). a rush transcript option is available for $17.50 (includes processing fee).

clark college has authorized national student clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering online to current and former students. you may track your order online and receive e-mail confirmations of receipt, processing, and mailing. order transcripts using any major credit or debit card. your card will only be charged after your order is complete.

How long does it take?

Transcript requests are processed in the order that they are received. Unless you have an outstanding financial obligation to Clark College or another hold on your records, requested transcripts are typically mailed within 3-4 business days via US Postal Service with first class postage. This does not include delivery time which will depend on where the transcripts are being sent and timeliness of the US Postal Service.

在线网投app下载you may order a rush transcript for an additional fee which will be mailed the next business day via us postal service with first class postage. rush transcripts are also available for pick up at the clark college enrollment services office the next business day or sooner. please confirm enrollment services office hours of operation to verify pickup times before ordering transcripts.

When will my grades show on my transcript?  How can I be assured that my degree(s) will appear on my transcript?

for 2019-20, grades and degrees will be posted to transcripts on the following dates:

Summer 2019 Term

Grades post on September 11, 2019
Degrees post approximately September 27, 2019

Fall 2019 Term

Grades post on December 18, 2019
Degrees post approximately January 3, 2020

Winter 2020 Term

Grades post on March 25, 2020
在线网投app下载 Degrees post approximately April 10, 2020

Spring 2020 Term

Grades post on June 24, 2020
在线网投app下载 Degrees post approximately July 10, 2020

Who may request official transcripts?

Only you may request the release of your official transcripts. Transcripts will not在线网投app下载 be released to another party or institution without your prior written consent. Photo ID is required when picking up transcripts in person at the Enrollment Services Office.

What if I have an outstanding financial or other obligation with the college?

在线网投app下载access to official transcripts may be withheld if you have financial or other obligations not fulfilled such as outstanding tuition and fees, fines, or unreturned college property. if you submit a request for official transcripts and you have outstanding obligations, we will contact you.

Can you send official transcripts electronically?

transcripts going to an admissions office at a washington state public universities, and community and technical colleges are sent electronically. you will not see this option on the clearinghouse website; however, selecting "mail" will initiate your transcript being sent electronically to one of these schools.

在线网投app下载if the transcript is addressed to a specific department or person rather than an admissions office, it cannot be sent electronically and must be mailed.

在线网投app下载if the transcript is being sent to any other school (not a washington state public school) it cannot be sent electronically and must be mailed. 


How to Access Your Unofficial Transcript

Access unofficial transcripts through the Clark Students page by clicking on the MyClark@ctcLink tile and using your ctcLink ID number and Password.

If you do not know your ctcLink ID or have not activated your ctcLink account, you may visit the Enrollment Services office in Gaiser Hall with photo ID to get a copy of your unofficial transcript.

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enrollment services office - gaiser hall (ghl 128)